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The Art of Leverage

Lack of leverage typically manifests itself as lack of time. Since time is limited to 24 hours for EVERYONE, asking for more time is meaningless. All you can do is to organize, think and act in ways that will help you to get more out of available time. This course will teach you to do just that.

If you are smart, ambitious and are looking for that edge to get a higher return for your time, this course is for YOU!

About Rajesh Setty

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Rajesh “Raj” Setty is a serial entrepreneur and a business alchemist based in Silicon Valley. Raj has co-founded seven companies so far (5 technology and 2 publishing). He has also written and published thirteen books with his first book published at the age of thirteen.

The 12 Formulas

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  • A. Organize

    1. The Third Reason Formula
    2. The Alternate Project Formula
    3. The Thoughtful Anatomy Formula
    4. The Eternal Sponge Formula

  • B. Think

    5. The Missing-in-the-Past Formula
    6. The Strength Builder Formula
    7. The Dynamic Jigsaw Puzzle
    8. The Empty Trashcan Formula

  • C. Act

    9. The Daily Deposit Formula
    10. The Right Angle Formula
    11. The Small Win Formula
    12. The Signal Booster Formula

The Big Questions

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  1. Title

  2. Your Investment

    Your investment will be in two parts a) $395 deposit at the beginning and b) Optional $$ amount based on PWYTIW (Pay What You Think It's Worth) at the end of the program.

  3. The Course Format

    It's about 14-15 weeks in length. Lessons are sent out every week. Your work involves reading, reflecting and some light exercises followed by heavy thinking.

  4. What Next?

    You can express your interest here. Expressing your interest is no guarantee that you will be automatically accepted into the course. This is simply because I may not have the capacity to take on more participants or it might not be the right course for you. In most cases, the reason is the former. You should hear back from me in less than a day (in general)

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